Celebrating Pat Ingoldsby with Grace Enemaku

Selected works of Pat Ingoldsby, the beloved and elusive Dublin poet, will be brought to life by three of Dublin’s finest emerging illustrators; Ashwin Chacko, Grace Enemaku and Pati Matsushita.

Celebrating Pat Ingoldsby - Illustration by Grace Enemaku

Pat is known to a generation of children for his 1980s Pat’s Hat and Pat’s Chat television shows, as well his storytelling on Bosco and writing for the Wanderly Wagon. A prolific storyteller, poet and playwright in the 1990s Pat made the decision to withdraw from television, radio and playwriting.

Having since self-published multiple volumes of poetry and now an established part of Dublin’s streetscape, Pat enjoys when people happen upon him by chance and discover his work.

Nigerian-Irish multidisciplinary designer Grace Enemaku believes each project has the potential to add colour and imagination to the world and will explore 'Alone' bringing fun and wonder with colour, energy and movement.

This year SPF TV offers a unique opportunity for everyone to discover or delve into Pat’s poetry. Three pieces, written in 2020 and reflecting on the ‘unprecedented times’ we have both collectively and individually experienced, have been passed to three of Dublin’s finest illustrators and animators.

Audio by Simon Cullen
Animation by Digital Beast

Commissioned by St. Patrick's Festival