In Focus: Jennie Wyse Power

Join three of Ireland’s leading feminist historians, Dr Margaret Ward, Dr. Mary McAuliffe, and Dr. Sinéad McCoole, to explore the life and career of Jennie Wyse Power, one the most important, yet little known, figures in modern Irish history.

This project began life as a panel discussion in the 2020 St Patrick's Festival. Undeterred by lockdown, we sat down for a Zoom chat with three of Ireland’s leading feminist historians to discuss this fascinating life story.

Jennie Wyse Power’s career in activism and politics began with the Ladies Land League in 1881 and ended with the abolition of the Seanad 55 years later.

She was a leading nationalist and feminist and was a founding member of Inghindhe na hÉireann, Cumann na mBan and Sinn Féin.

First and foremost she was a committed nationalist with interesting that Irish be spoken in her four Dublin shops that sold Irish produce only.

Her first shop on Henry Street became a rendezvous point for the who’s-who in Irish nationalism, so much so that the Proclamation of Independence was signed in her living room above the shop. Michael Collins also used the premises as an office while on the run!

She was one of four women nominated to the first Seanad by the President of the Executive W.T. Cosgrave in 1922 and was an outspoken supporter of women’s rights throughout her career.

Presented by Ali Morris
Edited by Ali Morris, Vinny Beirne
Commissioned by St. Patrick's Festival