Science at Home with Dr. Dan Nickström & Midlands Science

Are you a physicist but don’t know it? Scientist Dr. Dan Nickström solves the scientific mysteries of the world in this video series from Midlands Science

In this series, Dr. Dan explains the physics behind some of the everyday objects we find at home, as well as looking at the natural world such how bees and pollinators contribute to our ecosystem.

And of course, no science lesson would be complete without a look at Dinosaurs!

Tune in to unravel the mysteries and awaken the physicist within.

Episode 1: How Does Electricity Work?
Episode 2: How a Speaker Works
Episode 3: Bees & Pollinators
Episode 4: How to Make Iron & Steel from Scratch
Episode 5: How a Fridge Works
Episode 6: Dinosaurs

**Dr. Dan Nickström is a lecturer in the Experimental Physics Department at Maynooth University and a keen physics communicatorr. He has worked on outreach and education with a variety of organisations for several years.

As well as the "Science at Home" series he has also co-created an interactive physics experience in a caravan, taken outreach activities to schools across the country, worked with science summer camps and created art installations for the Electric Picnic music festival.

Produced in association with Midlands Science