The Dodgy History Of Ireland

Where Horrible Histories meets On This Day, where Ripley’s Believe It Or Not meets Ireland’s Eye – that’s where you’ll find A Dodgy History Of Ireland

RTE History Show presenter Myles Dungan, a historian and author, presents a light-hearted animated series on famous Irish people and events in history – including St. Patrick, St. Brigid, the pirate Queen Grace O’Malley and gambler Buck Whaley – with illustrations by a variety of Irish artists, both known and new.

Dungan, PhD, who is one of Ireland’s best-known and most respected broadcasters, hosting current affairs, arts and sports programmes on both radio and television for more than two decades. A Fulbright scholar, educated at UCD and the University of California, Berkeley, he is the author of multiple books, including Four Killings (Head of Zeus, London, 2021), to be published in May, plus works on the Irish in America, the Great War, the Irish Crown jewels and golf. He is the presenter of The History Show on RTÉ Radio 1.

A Dodgy History of Ireland is produced by Pegasus Consulting, the media, PR and Production behind RTE Radio One’s The History Show, as well as many nationwide series of public roadshows showcasing educational and commemorative events.

Tune in to find out more about the myths, legends, lies and charlatans of Ireland’s past… which may, or may not, be completely true.

Commissioned by St. Patrick's Festival